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Wella Color Touch Plus Hair Color

What it is: Wella Color Touch Plus What it does: More Coverage than color touch to help cover more stubborn grey hairs. What else you need to know: For clients not ready to have permanent hair color.Product Options Available are as follows: Color : Intense Light Brown /Natural Red-Violet- 55/05 Color : Intense Light Brown / Natural Violet- 55/06 Color : Intense Dark Blonde / Natural Brown- 66/07 Color : Intense Dark Blonde / Natural Brown- 66/07 Color : Intense Light Brown/Natural Gold- 55/03 Color : Intense Light Brown/Natural Violet- 33/06 Color : Intense Medium Brown/Natural Violet- 44/06 Color : Intense Dark Brown/Natural Gold- 66/03 Color : Intense Light Brown/Natural Red- 55/04 Color : Intense Light Blonde/Natural Brown- 88/07 wel98-77-07 Color : Intense Medium Brown/Natural Red Violet- 44/05 Color : Intense Medium Blonde/Natural Gold- 77/03 Color : Intense Dark Blonde/Natural Red- 66/04 Color : Intense Light Brown/Natural Brown- 55/07 Color : Intense Light Blonde/Natural Gold- 88/03 Color : Intense Medium Brown/Natural Brown- 44/07

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