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Trionics Higher & Higher Enzyme Color Developer

What it is: Higher & Higher 50-80 Volume Developer is the ultimate enzyme developer for use in off-the-scalp high lift color and bleaching with any manufacturer’s color or bleach. Trionics Higher & Higher works wonderfully with foils and will not run away from you. Hi-Lift (Works like a 50 to 100 volume developer). Natural enzymes are specialized proteins which are secreted by certain cells of living organisms that accelerate chemical reactions without taking part in them What it does: Improves results vs a regular 5080 volume peroxide Violet-based for cooler tonal values-drabs out brass For high lift off scalp, great for resistant hair With balayage or foils for maximum lift Product Options Available are as follows: Size : 32 oz – Trionics Higher & Higher Enzyme Color Developer

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