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Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Absolutes Hair Color

What it is: IGORA Royal Absolutes delivers 100% white coverage without having to mix with a natural shade. Containing Biotin-S Anti-Age Technology, these 11 high fashion shades offer complex strengthening through Biotin and Silica that refills gaps in the hair structure. What it does: 100% coverage and even color results on more than 50% white hair with the convenience of not having to mix with a natural shade. What else you need to know: 100% color intensity with radiant results Innovative BIOTIN-S Anti-Age Technology Formulated with Color-Crystal-Complex and Moringa Oleifera To be used with 30 Vol. (9%) IGORA Royal Developer for maximum coverage and color vibrancy Aqua Mater, Eau).Cetearl Alcohol, Ammonium Hydroide Glycerl Stearate. Ceteareth 20-0cyldoe vanol-Sodium Laureth, Sulfate Moringa Pt, Seed Etat. Biotin Sodium Cetearl Sulfate Glycerin. Toluene 25-Diamine Sulfate Oleic Acid. Parfum (Fragrance)-Potassium Stearate. Sodium Sulfite Ethanolamine.Tetasodium EDTA.Carbomer.Polyquatemium-39., Potassium Hydroxide. 2-Methylresordnol., 4-Chloro esordnol.AscorbicAdd 2-Amino-3-Hydrotypyridine-Resordnol, Linoleamidopropyl PG Dimonium Chloride, Phosphate Sodium Sulfate-Linalool. Benzoic, Add-GtricAdd a 77891 Titanium Dioide), Notification Andina: NS0C49219-12C0, Registros SanitariosProduct Options Available are as follows: Color : 4-60 Medium Brown Chocolate Natural Color : 4-90 Medium Brown Violet Natural Color : 5-50 Light Brown Gold Natural Color : 5-50 Light Brown Gold Natural Color : 5-60 Light Brown Gold Natural Color : 5-80 Light Brown Red natural Color : 6-60 Dark Auburn Natural Blonde Color : 6-70 Dark Blonde Copper Natural Color : 6-80 – Dark Blonde Red Natural Color : 7-50 Medium Blonde Gold Natural 9727-7-60 Color : 8-50 Light Blonde Gold Natural Color : 9-40 Extra Light Blonde Berge Natural Color : 9-50 Extra Light Blonde Gold Natural Color : 9-60 Extra Light Auburn Natural Blonde Color : 4-07 Medium Natural Copper Brown Color : 4-50 Medium Brown Gold Natural Color : 4-70 Medium Brown Copper Natural Color : 4-80 Medium Brwn Red Natural Color : 5-70 Light Brown Copper Netural Color : 6-460 Dark Blonde Beige Chocolate Color : 6-580 Dark Blonde Gold Red Color : 7-450 Medium Blonde Beige Gold Color : 7-560 Medium Blonde Gold Chocolate Color : 7-710 Medium Blonde Copper Cendre Color : 8-01 Light Blonde Natural Cendre Color : 8-07 Light Blonde Natural Copper Color : 8-140 Light Blonde Cendre Beige Color : 9-560 Extra Light Blonde Gold Chocolate Color : 7-70 Medium Copper Natural Blonde Color : 7-40 Medium Blonde Beige Natural Color : 8-60 Light Blonde Chocolate Natural Color : 9-10 Extra Light Blonde Cendre Natural Color : 7-10 Medium Blonde Cendre Natural Color : 6-07 Dark Natural Copper Blonde 6-50 Dark Blonde Gold Natural

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