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L’Oreal Majirel Cool Cover

What it is: Majirel Cool Cover’s colors give you maximum durability and very intense deep colors. Thanks to the endless amount of colors, you always find the color that suits your personality. Majirel Cool Cover gives 100% gray coverage and always creates a natural, sparkling hair color for each hair type!What it does: Suitable for each hair type Deep rich and intense colors Durable, permanent oxidation coloration Product Options Available are as follows: 8/8n 8.1/8b 8.3/8g 8.3/8g 9/9n 9.1/9b 6.11/6bb 7.11/7bb 8.11/8bb 9.11/9bb lor157-6-17-6bgr 7.17/7bgr 4/4n 4.3/4g 5/5n 5.1/5b 5.3/5g 6/6n 6.1/6b 6.3/6g 7/7n 7.1/7b 7.3/7g

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