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Clairol Professional Creme Permanente Deverloper – 40 volume

What is this product? Clairol Professional Premium Creme Developer is for exclusive use with Clairol Professional Premium Crme permanent haircolor. More info: With a Deep Conditioning SOY4PLEX formula, Clairol Professional Premium Crme permanent haircolor is a nourishing, smoothing hair color. More info: To match or deepen color, use 10-volume crme permanente developer. To cover more than 30% gray, use at least 20-volume. 1 Level – 10 Volume 2 Levels – 20 Volume 3 Levels- 30 Volume 4 Levels – 40 Volume 5 Levels – Double 40* Volume (When mixed with high-lift blondes) More info: To lighten natural hair color Levels 1-3 (Black – Medium Brown): 1 Level – 20 Volume 2 Levels – 30 Volume 3 Levels – 40* Volume

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